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Dell PowerConnect W-IAP105 Wireless Instant Access Point Dual Radio 802.11 a/n and b/g/n/AP104/105 Extended Life Warranty - Minimu

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Part no.: 210-37729
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Dell PowerConnect W-IAP105 Wireless Instant Access Point ...
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PowerConnect W-IAP105 Wireless Instant Access Point Dual Radio 802.11 a/n and b/g/n/AP104/105 Extended Life Warranty - Minimum Warranty

W-Series AP104/105 access points
W-Series AP104 (external antenna) and AP105 (internal antenna) are enterprise-grade dual-radio 802.11n indoor Aps. They are designed to deliver data rates of up to 300Mbps for each radio and up to 600Mbps total for medium density deployments.

Multifunctional dual-radio W-Series IAP108 (connecters for external antenna) and IAP109 (four integrated antennas) are 802.11abgn, 2x2:2 MIMO APs with instant or remote AP modes for wireless and wired networking in large deployments. With 300Mbps wireless data rate for each radio, these IAPs features:
•One 10/100/1000BASE-T uplink port
•One 10/100BASE-T local port
•One USB port to connect to 3G and 4G networks
•A desktop form factor with an optional wall/ceiling-mount support

Deploy with ease
Be up and running in minutes, provisioning your W-Series Instant Access Points (IAPs) in a few easy steps using virtually any laptop’s wireless connection. W-Series IAPs are designed to provide enterprise-class networking services without enterprise-size complexity and include an expanded wired + wireless IAP portfolio with high-end wireless features for hotspots and remote branches.

Protect your investment
As WLAN requirements grow, configuration settings can be used to easily convert the W-Series IAPs to campus APs that work with a centralized-controller architecture.

Enterprise-grade WiFi network
Combine enterprise capabilities with entry-level simplicity using WiFi network through W-Series IAPs with built-in virtual controllers. When multiple IAPs are connected, a single IAP acts as a primary virtual controller. If that controller fails, another W-Series IAP in the chain automatically takes over as the primary virtual controller without disrupting services. To expand your network, just add more W-Series IAPs. Configuration is automatically uploaded from the primary virtual controller.

The virtual controller technology is able to monitor and control critical network maintenance tasks, including:
•Specialized Adaptive Radio Management functions that optimize WiFi client behavior, enabling IAPs to avoid RF interference
•Auto-configuration for added IAPs
•802.1x authentication
•Role- and device-based policy enforcement
•Rogue detection
Wired + wireless instant or remote AP
Several W-Series IAP models provide both wired and wireless connectivity, ideal for small branches or teleworkers. The wired connectivity includes additional Ethernet ports to connect wired devices as well as a USB port to connect a 3G/4G modem for internet connectivity.

PowerConnect-W-IAP Series - Confidently manage your WiFi networks
Confidently manage your WiFi networks
Securely manage and administer a W-Series IAP WiFi network from a single built-in web-based GUI.

Manage multiple W-Series IAP WiFi networks using Dell W-Series AirWave Software Management Suite (AWMS). AirWave manages local or geographically dispersed deployments and aggregates them into one console. It gives you a single, accurate picture of everything that affects service quality for your users — from the wired infrastructure to the RF environment to individual mobile devices.

Enhance RF management
Build wireless networks that adjust to how WiFi clients interact. W-Series IAPs with Dell Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology help ensure that data, voice and video applications have sufficient network resources to operate properly, allowing maximum client performance while enhancing stability and predictability of the entire WiFi network. ARM features include:
•Spectrum load balancing that uniformly distributes clients across channels in high-density environments
•Noise awareness that dynamically shifts clients away from channels hampered by outside interference
•Band steering that enables IAPs with both radios available to dynamically transfer clients away from crowded bands and allows users to define client ratios across different bands
•Airtime fairness that delivers equal airtime access to all WiFi clients, regardless of the client type, wireless chip or operating system

Wireless Networking Services and Support
Wireless LAN Implementation Wireless LAN Implementation
Setting up and configuring wireless network does not have to be a “Do-It-Yourself” project. Dell can install, configure, and integrate your wireless network so you can focus on other tasks. Let Dell install it for you. Add installation services to your next hardware purchase.

Wireless Site Assessment
Great wireless connectivity starts with a detailed site survey. Dell experts use specialized tools to help design, deploy, and maintain the Wi-Fi network. Dell can analyze RF interference, identify optimal placement of devices, and recommend the best design. Contact Dell for more information

Remote Consulting Remote Consulting
Are there times when you need a little extra technical guidance? Certified experts are available to discuss networking design or help you resolve issues pertaining to the wired or wireless network. Call Dell to schedule a time with a certified system expert.

Warranty Warranty
Select Networking products carry an Extended Life Warranty with Basic Hardware Service, covering repair or replacement of the product for as long as it remains in use by the customer. In the event of discontinuance of product manufacture, Dell Extended Life Warranty extends until five (5) years after end of product model sales.

ProSupport ProSupport
Choose Dell’s premium support service, ProSupport, for 24/7 direct telephone and online access1 to advanced-level technicians based in your region. Whether you have one office or hundreds around the world, protect your investments with this simple yet flexible approach.

Financing Financing
Whether you’re looking for payment flexibility to spread IT costs over several budget cycles or you need a scalable financial solution to accommodate your changing technology needs, Dell Financial Services has a wide range of contracting options designed to make technology acquisition easy and affordable. Contact your Dell account manager or DFS representative to learn how financing can help you maximize ROI and lower TCO.

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