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Xavax LED Reflector Bulb, 6.8W, GU10, PAR16, warm white

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Xavax LED Reflector Bulb, 6.8W, GU10, PAR16, warm white
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Popis produktu:
- Particularly energy efficient bulb with a power consumption of just 6.8 W
- Can replace halogen and energy saving bulbs in all private and commercial spaces
- Pleasant, warm colour temperature and good colour reproduction, ideal for general lighting applications and accent lighting
- Can be switched on/off practically any number of times, therefore suitable e.g. for stairwell lighting
- High-quality, stylish housing for good cooling
- Dimmable
- Without mercury and lead
- No UV and infrared radiation

Note for Consumers:
This LED bulb is designed for use in open fixtures. The heat produced during operation can thus be given off to the environment. The prognosticated service life refers to use in open fixtures. The bulb's service life is reduced if it is used in closed fixtures (insufficient cooling). Only use in appropriate fixtures. When replacing the bulb, it must be allowed to completely cool off and the mains voltage has to be switched off. Exchange damaged bulbs straightaway. No liability for improper use.
Among the huge number of different dimmers there may be some which impede the function of bulbs (flickering, noise).
Mixed operation, i.e. simultaneous use of LED bulbs and standard bulbs or different types of LED bulbs in one dimmer lead is not possible. Noise in dimmers that has not been noticed while using incandescent lamps: dimmer is not suitable for LED bulbs.
Corded dimmers (dimmer built in power cord) need a separate on/off switch as they may not be able to regulate to 0.
Please observe the minimum load of the dimmer, otherwise it may not start or control falsely. Simple dimmers mostly function from 60W to 400W.
The fundamental brightness of built-in dimmers must be set at a high enough level, otherwise the LED bulb may not be switched on.
Change the dimmer setting slowly and not suddenly or too fast.
Only use dimmers for incandescent lamps, no dimmers for transformers, etc.
Touch dimmers are mostly not suitable. A wrong dimmer can cause permanent damage to the bulb!

Technical Details:
- Can be Dimmed: Yes
- Colour Temperature: 3000 K
- Cooling Element/Housing: Aluminium/Plastic
- Design: PAR 16
- LED Type: SMD
- Lamp Survival Factor at 6000h (min.): 0,9
- Nominal Service Life: 25000 h
- Number of LEDs: 5
- Number of Switching Cycles until Premature Failure (min.): 40000
- Operating Position: 360 °
- Optimal Ambient Temperature: 25 °C
- Power Consumption of an Equivalent Incandescent Lamp: 60 W
- Socket: GU 10
- Starting Time (max.): 0.4 s
- Diameter: 50 mm
- Dimensions Differ From Those of a Standardized Bulb: No
- Height: 57 mm
- Net Weight: 66 gr
- Energy Efficiency Class: A+ (Scale from A++ to E, Optimum Value: A++)
- Energy saving Bulb equivalent to: 88 %
- Lamp Current: 54 mA
- Lamp Lumen Factor at End of Nominal Service Life (min.): 0,700
- Rated Power Consumption: 6,8 W
- Rated Service Life: 25000 h
- Colour Consistency: 6
- EAR Reg.No.: DE 38720470
- Electrical Efficiency Factor of the Bulb (min.): 0.5
- Lamp Lumen Maintenance Factor at 6000h: 0.8
- Mains Frequency: 50 Hz
- Nominal Beam Angle: 36 °
- Nominal Light Output: 470 lm
- Nominal Power Consumption: 6,8 W
- Operating Voltage: 230 V
- Premature Failure Rate: 5 %
- Rated Beam Angle: 36 °
- Rated Light Output: 470 Im
- Rated Peak Luminous Intensity: 1050 cd
- Start-Up Time Until 60% of Full Light Output Has Been Reached (max.): 1 s
- Weighted Energy Consumption: 6,8 kWh/1000h
- Colour Reproduction Index RA (min.): 80
- LED Brand: Seoul
- Light Colour: Warm White
- Bulb Serves as Replacement for Standard Bulbs of This Size: PAR 16
- Suitable for Accent Lighting: Yes - Beam Angle <90° (?90°)
- Recommendations for Recycling: Recycling Depot or Collection Point

Scope Of Delivery:
- 1 LED reflector bulb

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